The Success Blueprint

The Success Blueprint for Career-Driven and Entrepreneur Moms are online programs ideal for busy moms on the go who are ready for self-investment as leaders in professional development (in Corporate America or as Entrepreneurs) or personal development (Parenting and Relationships).

Available Now in Entrepreneurship (Click links to open in new window):
Upcoming in Entrepreneurship:
• How to Create an Effective One-Page Business Plan
• Discover 7 Strategies for Bootstrapping Your Business
• Marketing Plan 101

Upcoming in Careers:
• Farewell Corporate America – 4 Secrets to Ditching Your 9-5
• 7 Powerful Strategies for Leading Teams
• 5 Promotion-Worthy Strategies Towards Leadership
• 4 Secrets to Being a BOSS While Balancing Home

Upcoming in Parenting:
• Shaking the Shame of Single Motherhood
• 10 Tips on Successfully Preparing Your “High-Schooler” for College
• Turning Lemons Into Lemonade - 7 Successful Co-Parenting Strategies
• From Boys to Men - Steps to Implementing Leadership Strategies in Your Son as a Single Mom

Upcoming in Relationships:
• Forgiving and Reconciling
• Working on You While Waiting for Him
• Single Mother Dating 101
• 5 Powerful Keys to Being His Help Meet
• You, Me, Then We: 4 Successful Blended Parent Strategies

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