The Single Mother Diaries, Volume 1: Tips and Widsom on Being a Fabulous and Successful Single Mother is a parenting investment tool that offers strategies for single, divorced and blended parents with tips on:

• Talking to your child about sex, bullying and drugs
• Successful co-parenting techniques
• Managing child support and visitation issues
• Encouraging and empowering your child’s talents
• Coaching your child in building valuable relationships and leadership abilities
• Training your child for his/her future
• Making wiser financial decisions
• Blended family dynamics
• And much more!!

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Being a working single parent comes with rewards and challenges. The key is being focused on achieving clear goals. The Single Mother Diaries, Volume 2: Tips and Wisdom on Being Career Savvy offers strategies and coaching on:

• Defining leadership and how to achieve leadership levels in Corporate America
• Having thick skin
• Distinguishing between a manager and a leader
• Don't le someone's perception of you become your reality
• Having the confidence to start your own business
• Creating a buiness plan
• Balancing home and work
• Leaving a legacy for your children
• Defining success
• And much more!!

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Are you tired of dating and ready for the perfect mate? Is your heart set on making sure you make better decisions as a divorcee? Are you looking to sustain your marriage and improve the blending of your families? The Single Mother Diaries, Volume 3: Tips and Wisdom on Finding Love offers tips and coaching on:

• Being alone, not lonely
• Self-Esteem and Self-Image
• When to introduce the kids
• Respecting yourself (and demanding it in return)
• Courting, sex and dating
• Warning signs and deal breakers
• The difference between how men and women think
• Don’t scare him/her away
• Is He really The One
• Preparing for a blended family household
• Sustaining the love as a blended family
• And much more!!

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