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The Single Mother Diaries™ Series is for any motivated mom desiring to adopt tips in designing stronger decision-making skills in their children (Vol 1), building leadership development in their own careers or entrepreneurial journey (Vol 2), and creating long-lasting exhilaration in their relationships (Vol 3) - all with the intention of building an extraordinary legacy.

Certified Coach and Experienced Consultant

Not just empowerment and inspirational coaching that speaks to your soul, but training and consulting that answers your burning questions and solves your specific problems as a career-driven and entrepreneur mom. I've designed a set of webinars and programs with you in mind as a busy mother to help achieve higher levels in your personal and professional growth.


Do you work with a group of moms that are eager to elevate in their careers or businesses - or - professional single, divorced and blended moms fighting stereotypes and shifting the way the world defines them? Connecting with these ambitious moms resonates with me personally and intensifies my drive to inspire them to use obstacles as stepping stones towards boldly fulfilling their destinies. 

Solving Your Problems

The Award-Winning and Amazon Best-Selling Author | Speaker | Certified Coach | Consultant is an expert in the field of single, blended, and co-parenting - especially leadership development. Aria not only inspires and motivates professional moms to overcome stigmas, but build winning leadership and empowerment strategies to transform the three most significant aspects of their lives: careers, parenting, and relationships.

Signature Mastermind Programs

The M.I.L.E. Movement (Mothers Influencing Leadership & Empowerment) Signature Mastermind Programs were designed for the career-driven and entrepreneur mom for personal and professional growth. These series of master plans help to answer their burning questions and solve the problems that keep them up at night, such as...

How to:

  • Balance work/life demands as a busy mom
  • Raise a son as a single/divorced mom
  • Shake the stigmas and overcome obstacles
  • Forgiveness and reconciling
  • Climb the corporate ladder
  • Build confidence and assertiveness
  • Prepare for dating
  • Find harmony in a blended family household
  • And much more!

Each program has a specific strategy with steps to help moms rise and position them for their next level of success.



The Single Mother Diaries™ Series offers tips and coaching on battling stigmas of single parenting to build a successful relationship with your children (Vol 1); building confidence, resilience and incredible drive towards success in Corporate America or as an Entrepreneur (Vol 2); and attracting the relationship you desire as a single or blended mother (Vol 3).

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